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Nutritional biology
and functional biology


Micronutrition helps to optimize the functioning of our organism with a view to lasting well-being. Regaining a state of balance takes time and requires daily commitment.


For this practice to be successful, people need to be closely monitored and provided with recognized scientific information, combined with judicious dietary advice tailored to their specific situation. The administration of micronutrients found in food (vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, probiotics, phytonutritional compounds) and, if necessary, dietary supplements, can be offered on a regular basis, over several weeks or even months. However, the mutual interactions and bioavailability of these micronutrients must be known in order to optimize the desired benefit.


The therapeutic avenues of micronutrition are numerous:

  • optimize organic functions: immune defenses, energy, stress tolerance, fertility, memory, sleep, mood states (anxiety, depression, etc.), digestive tract (probiotics, fight against hyperpermeability), acid-base balance, etc.
  • optimize sports performance,
  • slow the effects of senescence,
  • treat overweight and its risk factors, prevent and reduce the risk of acute and chronic illnesses,
  • optimize conception, pregnancy and its development,


However, it is essential to emphasize that our scientific expertise, used in the development of your treatment plans, is totally independent of industrial lobbying.


Nutritional and functional biology consultations

Naturopathic nutritional and functional biology

Far from the approximate naturopathy practiced in France, we base our treatments on university studies in complementary medicine, with a Bac +8 level abroad.

Our primary aim is to treat the cause of your physiological and biochemical imbalance, rather than just treating the symptoms.

In contrast to the "green allopathy" practised by some of our colleagues, our arborescent approach to "naturopathy" (more precisely, to nutritional and functional biology) leads us to use ever more innovative analytical and management techniques: micronutrition and quantum micronutrition, blood tests at the surgery or in the laboratory, assessment of your physical and cellular state with Russian or German bioresonance, among other techniques. Always with an arborescent vision: find the cause, of the cause, of the cause...

We assess your condition using typical neighborhood blood test results, or by calling on preventive investigation laboratories (LIMS, Barbier, laboratory réunis, red labs...) to evaluate your physiological and biochemical condition quantitatively.

In addition, we can use the German "Dermatron" bioresonance system to qualitatively assess the physiological, biochemical and cellular state, in order to select the micronutrient or plant best suited to you.

In addition, we use in-office microscopy analysis to qualitatively examine your physiological, biochemical and cellular state, so that we can offer you appropriate care worthy of the name.

Our strengths

Reading of your preventive investigation analyses (LIMS/Barbier/Red labs/united labs...) and local laboratory analyses.

Read your own capillary sample for dark field analysis, coagulated blood, smear, whether remotely or at the office.

Use of different types of bioresonance to improve your physiological and micronutritional status.

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