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Humankind Wellbeing, Association
for the scientific popularization of
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HKW Association

1 Why does the association exist?

It's not right that :

  • Since 2020, there have been 180k cases per year of cardiovascular disease, men and women combined.
  • Since 2020, there have been 15k cases a year of infectious and parasitic diseases, men and women combined.
  • Since 2020, there have been 86k cases a year of ill-defined symptoms and morbid states.
  • Since 2020, there have been 34k new cases per year of digestive disorders and 53k new cases per year of diseases of the respiratory sphere, men and women combined.
  • Naturopathic professionals face financial difficulties, unable to earn a sufficient salary and often having to work part-time elsewhere to make ends meet, which can lead to burn-out and loneliness.
  • Government laws on maximum limits for artificial electromagnetic fields were not passed with long-term biological effects in mind.
  • The laws on artificial electromagnetic fields were passed taking into account the thermal effect, but not the biological effect on humans.
  • Over the last twenty years, more than 20K independent scientific studies have demonstrated the need to reduce the maximum limits of artificial electromagnetic fields and to create habitats free of artificial electromagnetic pollution.

The HKW association aims to :

  • Mobilizing a self-help community of chronically ill people
  • To mobilize a community of mutual aid between professionals wishing to manage chronically ill patients in nutritional and functional biology, promoting the sharing of expertise and resources for a holistic and collaborative approach.
  • Support beneficiaries in their
    their day-to-day concerns
  • Preventing burn-out and loneliness among healthcare professionals in biology
    and functional biology
  • Promote job creation among healthcare professionals in nutritional and functional biology.
  • Promote the profession of practitioner in nutritional and functional biology and the careers associated with it
  • Share experiences, tools and best practices to help people with chronic health conditions
  • Develop management content for nutritional and functional biology professionals
  • Carry out actions, facilitate exchanges and create content between chronically ill people and healthcare professionals. Make the association a guiding reference for people with chronic illnesses.
  • Train people to identify and reduce electromagnetic sources to avoid unconscious and involuntary contamination of their homes.
  • To help individuals and companies create healthy habitats, in harmony with the principles of nutritional and functional biology.


The Humankind Wellbeing association is dedicated to the scientific popularization of nutritional and functional biology, providing support to both healthcare professionals and people suffering from chronic diseases.

For healthcare professionals

The Humankind Wellbeing association is dedicated to the scientific explanation of common disturbances encountered in the practice, offering support to healthcare professionals, particularly but not exclusively naturopaths. We draw on human physiology, micronutrition and biochemistry.

Our aim is to assist healthcare professionals who perceive situations from an emotional point of view, helping them to put things into perspective while providing them with the necessary foundations to carry out scientifically-recognized work in their practices.

We teach knowledge of micronutrition, nutritional and functional biology for every body system.

At the same time, Humankind Wellbeing offers healthcare professionals a post-training mentoring program. Often, new professionals find themselves on their own at the end of their training, with no follow-up, sometimes having to manage clinical cases that are beyond them. Our motto, 'Primum non nocere' (First, do no harm), and our commitment to 'treat the cause, find the root of the problem', drive us to truly help micronutrition and naturopathy professionals face this post-training desert. In particular, given that their initial training generally does not delve sufficiently into micronutrition and even less into biochemical physiology, consultants may be confronted with cases that are difficult to manage, thus more easily opting for the 'it's emotional' option, which can lead to a loss of resources (time and money) for consultants, jeopardizing the popularity of their practice.

We are committed to the 'causal' care of our colleagues and offer them the following post-training services:

1 year of mentoring or 2h30/month with CPF/OPCO cover or to be paid in instalments

Six months of mentoring or 1h30/month with the possibility of CPF/OPCO coverage or to be paid in instalments

During this mentoring program, participants will have the opportunity to co-consult with a specialist from the association.

What do you mean by co-consulting?

This means that the consultant can share a complex case he or she is struggling with, and we'll work together to find solutions. During this collaboration, nutritional and functional biology concepts will be taught to support the consultant's care in a scientific manner. The ultimate aim is for the consultant to acquire the basics of nutritional and functional biology, including human physiology and the fundamentals of biochemical nutrition, through this experience.

The ultimate goal is to equip them with the skills needed to justify their care, based on scientific investigation and neighborhood blood tests.

For the "mere mortal"/chronically ill consultant

The HKW association is there to engage in a discussion with the chronically ill patient, while guiding him or her towards greater well-being. Our advice is based on the patient's personal anamnesis, is scientifically supported, and takes into account genetic polymorphisms, as well as dietary needs according to age, microbiota, SNPs and so on.

Our members frequently ask the following questions:

  • " Which dentist should I consult for Lyme/fibromyalgia/arthritis and for my chronic pain?"
  • "What should I eat to improve my Lyme?"
  • "What should I eat to improve my fibromyalgia?"
  • "What should I eat to improve my musculoarticular systemic pain?"
  • "What should I do to improve my brain fog following Lyme or covid long?"
  • "Should I reduce or eliminate lactose? gluten? casein? animal products? ....

Appointment mode

  • ½ hour zoom RDV (nutritional and functional biology consultation) €65
  • 1-hour zoom RDV (nutritional and functional biology consultation) €120 1st RDV or €100 follow-up RDV
  • Full consultation with blood tests under the microscope: €350 

Solidarity membership

  • Participation in general information webinars

    Year-round telephone support

  • 97 €/year
  • 10 webinars per year included as opposed to one-off webinar participation €15/webinar

Make a donation and support nutritional and functional biology


Our action program is made up of 6 areas, although this list is not exhaustive:

  • The French, Italian, English and Spanish-speaking community 
  • The NSSR method, ADIMOGH 
  • The "inspiration and mutual aid" support program for professionals 
  • The "inspiration and mutual aid" support program for chronically ill people 
  • The #JadoreLaBiologie signature days/evenings and face-to-face or webinar meetings QUE for members 
  • Signature days/evenings in webinars or face-to-face sessions on all subjects related to artificial electromagnetic fields QUE for members 


Humankind Wellbeing- Association for the Scientific Popularization of Nutritional and Functional Biology

334 Rue Nicolas Parent
(domiciliation !!! no appointment HERE!)
73000 Chambéry


Monday to Friday

Remember to make an appointment with the practice before coming.

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