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Discover the association in nutritional and functional biology

Conference offered directly online for future consultants

Discover the association in nutritional and functional biology

Conference offered directly online for future consultants

Discover nutritional and functional biology

Conference offered directly online for future consultants

Training courses


Improve your physiological functions through knowledge of body biochemistry, optimizing the micronutrients required for your body's functions. We assess your condition using the results of typical neighborhood blood tests, preventive investigation laboratories or our German "dermatron" bioresonance.


Nutritional and functional biology " naturopathy

With the aim of treating the cause, our tree-like approach to "naturopathy" leads us to call on ever-innovative analytical and management techniques: micronutrition, blood tests at the office or in the laboratory, assessment of your physical and cellular state with Russian or German bioresonance...


Microscopic analysis Dark field and coagulated blood

One of the few practices in France to offer this analytical and management system. Our training, which originated in Germany, enables us to determine your physiological and nutritional status at every consultation, whether in the office or remotely, using our microscope to study a drop of blood. All punctures are performed by the consultant, both in the office and remotely. We only take qualitative readings of your blood.

Our methods

NSSR method

Our method is based on the common biochemical and physiological sense of the human body to achieve optimal digestive health: Cleanse, Seller, Heal and Repair are the key steps recognized by our body to successfully manage all digestive disorders and chronic diseases.

This method can be used both in the office and remotely.

At the practice, the session can last 1 hour or ½ day. During this day, we spend 3 hours together, using all available techniques: all available blood tests, all available bioresonances. This ½ day is really a time of rest and 180-degree care for you.

ADIMOGH method

Our method is based on the good biochemical and physiological sense of the human body to achieve a global health of your body for the management of all chronic diseases:

  • Digestive system,
  • Inflammation,
  • Methylation,
  • Oxidation,
  • Glycation,
  • Hormones.

Remote consultations

At a distance, the session includes microscopic blood analyses (smears and coagulated blood) as well as very detailed medical histories giving you 3 to 5 pages of individualized advice on your condition in addition to our usual advice.

Lyme disease and Fibromyalgia

These two conditions, which are often confused with each other, deserve a tree-based approach that takes into account human biochemistry and physiology. We offer consultants our NSSR or ADIMOGH methods for these two conditions.



Histamine intolerance and SAMA

Histamine intolerance may (or may not) end up in mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS). A wide range of symptoms presented by the person who deserves recognition by an arborescent practitioner who will know how to recognize the symptoms and link them to histamine and mast cells with their corresponding management.

If you'd like to find out more, please refer to our book on the subject.


Office consultations
using microscopy

Online consultations using remote microscopy
ADIMOGH/NSSR/Lyme-Fibromyalgia method

Professional mentoring

Online training

A wide range of online training courses are available to help students learn the basics or go into greater depth on subjects of personal interest.

For people with no prior training or for healthcare professionals

Our strengths

Reading of your preventive investigation analyses (LIMS/Barbier/Red labs/united labs...) and local laboratory analyses.

Reading of your own capillary sample for dark field analysis, coagulated blood, smear. Remote or at the office

Use of different types of bioresonance to improve your physiological and micronutritional status.

What our customers say about us

By Philippe

Lymé for over 10 years, consulting countless doctors/specialists, naturopaths, etc., with no real solutions ...... I finally found a practitioner (specialized in micronutrition and naturopathy) who listens, is caring and available, and offers effective personalized solutions. I've been following Andréa's advice for a few months now (check-ups every 3 months) and my health has really improved.

By Raymond Ciccone

Very happy with this first interview, see you later, our next appointment 3 months greetings

By Caroline

We were lucky enough to meet Andrea on 02/03/2022. I'll remember that day for the rest of my life. It was my birthday, but on that day Andrea didn't give me any presents... or rather, she put into words what was wrong with my 8-year-old son. We knew he had lyme disease. But we had no idea what was behind it: mycosis, intestinal parasites, heavy metals... a lot of information, a lot of pathologies that seemed too heavy and impossible to curb, but thanks to courage and perseverance, our little fellow is doing much better! Andrea was able to explain to him in a very simple and concrete way what was going on in his body. He understood, and even though it was difficult at times, he's doing much better! Andrea is always ready to listen, and very quick in her answers, to help us in the best possible way! Andrea's skills go far beyond what conventional French doctors can do, with exceptional scientific precision! Thank you so much Andrea!

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