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NSRR method-Treatment of all digestive disorders: IBS, colopathies, chronic candidiasis, intestinal parasitosis ....

NSSR® Method - Nutritional and functional biology management of chronic intestinal disorders

The NSSR method is a quick and easy way to get to the root of digestive disorders.


No headaches, no mistakes, and nothing like what other practitioners implement elsewhere.


We adopt a unique dietary approach for each individual, without succumbing to fashionable food trends (such as raw foodism, veganism, etc.). Everyone has their own specific dietary needs, and every intestinal problem has its own dedicated diet.

Without the use of probiotics, and by allowing the body to produce the bacterial flora it needs, we can rapidly achieve lasting treatment of previously unresolved chronic problems.

This is made possible by our common-sense method, which allows the body's physiology and biochemistry to follow its instructions.




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NSSR method

It's simple!" says the practitioner who heads the HKW association.

"The key is not to give probiotics but to clean up the mess in their digestive tract. There's no way two or seven strains of probiotics can clean up hundreds or even thousands of amoebae, parasites/worms, bacteria and other intestinal viruses. It's too simplistic for a microbiota we barely know. Until we know how to replicate mitochondria to produce 300 years of free energy, let's refrain from giving the cell what it needs to do what it does best: its magnificent job".


Let's take a look at the acronyms used in this method:

N- Clean

Every treatment begins with a cleansing of the entire digestive tract to ensure that the mouth is sanitized. A mouth full of bacteria will chew food and send bacteria further down the digestive tract. There's no point in cleaning lower down when it's a disaster higher up. Specific substances are used to sanitize the digestive tract.

For any pathogenic memory, you should also consider treating it with bioresonance waves or homologous genetic dilution. Any chronic infection dilutes our body water. Given that we are 70% water and vibration, we are only 30% flesh. If you want to attack a ghost, you can't do it with a gun. The same goes for the genetic dilution of pathogens. It will never be destroyed with physical substances, but with the vibrational waves of one's own DNA diluted in water. This is almost the only way to destroy fungal infections, which are all too often clinging to viruses, viral memories and vaccine memories instead, says Andréa.


The same applies to the detection of pathogenic presence.


Conventional blood tests are not always able to detect pathogens. This is why the memory of their DNA diluted in water becomes of ultimate importance in identifying them. Sometimes, dark-field microscopy, bright-field microscopy, phase-contrast microscopy and coagulated blood microscopy also offer us many answers. Andréa describes the combination of the two as "magical".

S- Seal

We need to seal the barriers that form the basis of our immune system, preceding innate and adaptive immunity. If these barriers are permeable, bacteria can roam freely in the body. If they do, they can trigger immuno-inflammatory reactions. You know what I mean.

NSSR® method

The next step is to treat the mucous membranes. Fucosyllactose polymorphisms (FUT2) are present in 20% of the Caucasian population. The presence of mucins provides a good Velcro grip for the development of good bacteria, the fight against bad bacteria and the elimination of biofilms.

With genetic polymorphism in caucausia, 20% of the Caucasian population suffers from the absence of "good velcro"/FUT2 for the attachment of good bacteria. In these individuals, taking probiotics would be totally useless, as they would go and feed the rats in their local sewers. A dietary supplement that proves expensive when you know its end in the presence of polymorphism, of course.


  • Biofilms are simply bio-logical films that trap bad bacteria beneath a cellulose matrix. Basically, it's bacteria hide-and-seek. They come and go as they please, and this layer of cellulose prevents phyto-aromatherapy products from working properly. Hence the treatment "failures". As a result, we're no longer talking about failures or Herxheimer reactions, but about biofilms. Taking care of them becomes essential if the rest of the body is to function properly.

NSSR® method

Repair the intestinal immune system and systemic immuno-inflammatory triggering.

It is very important to control the triggering of systemic inflammation by NFkB, cyclo-oxygenases and lipo-oxygenases. Inflammation must remain punctual and controllable over time to avoid the chronicization of symptoms, thus preventing the development of chronic diseases.

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Reading of your preventive investigation analyses (LIMS/Barbier/Red labs/united labs...) and local laboratory analyses.

Read your own capillary sample for dark field analysis, coagulated blood, smear, whether remotely or at the office.

Use of different types of bioresonance to improve your physiological and micronutritional status.

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