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ADIMOGH® Method - For nutritional and functional biology management of LYME, FIBROMYALGIA and other chronic diseases.

The ADIMOGH® method




The human body is like a pastry recipe. To make sure you don't mess up the Italian meringue, you have to pour in the sugar at a certain temperature, otherwise you'll cook the stiffly beaten egg whites. If these steps are not followed, there will be no Italian meringue.

This analogy serves to explain what happens with the human body. If an order of treatment and advice is not properly followed, the practitioner risks compromising his treatment without obtaining results for the consultant.


ADIMOGH® was developed after 18 years of clinical experience. In thinking about the organization of modules for the training academy created to teach nutritional and functional biology to its students, it was realized that students needed a logical order in which to understand the training. This logical order was the same as that used in the practice. This is how the acronyms ADIMOGH came into being.



ADIMOGH® acronyms stand for.

AD- Digestive system and detox

I- Immuno-inflammation





AD- Digestive system and detoxification

I- Immuno-inflammation

ADIMOGH® method

ADIMOGH® method
O-Oxidation or "rusting".

ADIMOGH method
G-Glycation or caramelization

ADIMOGH® method
H- Hormones

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Testimonials from patients who have effectively treated their health problems with the ADIMOGH® method

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Our strengths

Reading of your preventive investigation analyses (LIMS/Barbier/Red labs/united labs...) and local laboratory analyses.

Read your own capillary sample for dark field analysis, coagulated blood, smear, whether remotely or at the office.

Use of different types of bioresonance to improve your physiological and micronutritional status.

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