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Naturopathy and nutritional and functional micronutrition

Naturopathy and nutritional and functional micronutrition

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We teach the Bio-Logy of the Human being in a logical and comprehensible way, first to the students of our training organization, then to the patients, because in our practice, we devote 80% of our time to transmitting information. The remaining 20% of the consultation is devoted to interpreting results and carrying out various tests to corroborate our hypothesis following the initial medical history.

Our treatments take place at the center dedicated to chronic diseases, located 18 km from Chambéry, in the mountains overlooking the lake.

In this center, we train the future healthcare professionals who will take care of other people.

In addition, the center will be used to care for chronically ill patients, including those suffering from Lyme and fibromyalgia. Daily, weekly and bi-weekly sessions will be available to enhance your care.

The association takes care of a variety of health problems, such as digestive disorders (irritable bowel syndrome, irritated bowel, candidiasis, amoebiasis, parasitosis), fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, chronic pain, overweight and obesity, thyroid and reproductive disorders, as well as all glycemic disorders . Managing allergies and respiratory disorders is also part of our toolbox.

We look forward to welcoming you as a patient to help you improve your health and optimize your lifestyle according to your phenotypic and genotypic profile.

As Lyme disease is our passion, we welcome you to the center for an hourly or half-day consultation.

We would also be delighted to welcome you as one of our students, to offer you a training and clinical experience that is unique in France.

The association's co-director

Andréa Fernandez is Director of the Academy of Life Sciences - Nutritional and Functional Biology.

A specialist in Lyme disease, fibromyalgia and digestive disorders, she herself has been affected by these issues and has managed to overcome them.

Her practice began in 2004, accumulating extensive experience in Australia, Italy and since 2015 in France. She trained in Australia as a naturopathic doctor and has carried out two scientific research projects. The first, conducted at the Women's and Children's Hospital in Adelaide, focused on colopathy and Western herbalism. The second, carried out at Adelaide Medical School, focused on epigenetics. Following the induction of placental restriction in the previous two generations, a treatment with methyl donors was proposed to avoid imbalances due to the induction of insulin resistance in the third generation.

Specializing in microscopic blood analysis and various types of bioresonance, she combines scientific knowledge of micronutrition with water memory therapy and bioresonance.

Microscopy (coagulated blood, dark field and bright field) enables her to diagnose people's problems quickly. As a survivor of debilitating Lyme disease during her stay in Australia, which left her paralyzed and unable to walk for at least 3 years, she set up a Lyme disease care center in Savoie.

She treats her Lyme patients with her ADIMOGH method.

Digestive disorders, which account for at least 80% of consultations, are managed using the NSSR method.

Here's Andréa's course of study, with only her Complementary Medicine -Micronutirition diploma taking 8,000 hours!

  • 2020 European D.I.U. Micronutrition, Nutrition, Prevention and Health (MAPS) - Université Paris 5 - Paris-Descartes
  • 2020 Physionutrition - IEPP, France
  • 2019 Geobiologie - Geovital, Austria
  • 2018 Geobiologie - ERGE, France
  • 2018 Lyme disease certificate - Alp'in Essences
  • 2018 Russian Bioresonance - Russia, Moscow
  • 2014 PhD in Epigenetic medicine - Adelaide University
  • 2011 Blood microscopy - SOUTH AUSTRALIA
  • 2009 Master in Scleragraphics - U.S.A.
  • 2009 Bachelor of Health Sciences Complementary Medicine (Honours) - Adelaide University
  • 2008 Master in Iridology - I.R.I.S.
  • 2008 Bachelor of Complementary Medicine - Charles Sturt University
  • 2006 Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine - SAHEC
  • 2006 Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy - SAHEC
  • 2005 Aromatherapist Practitioner - SAHEC

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