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A la carte training

Our various à la carte training courses
**Available from 2024

As with all other training courses, these courses are available on a personal basis, with your OPCO or using your CPF.


 "QUALIOPI" certifies that we are a quality organization that complies with the standards imposed by the French government. The training courses we offer can be financed by public and mutual funds, which simplifies the validation of requests for reimbursement.


Download our QUALIOPI certificate HERE


                                                                                  Our training courses are eligible for the Compte Personnel de Formation (CPF). Mon Compte Formation makes it easy to manage your career path by financing all or part of a training course. From the moment you start working, you can accumulate €500 in assistance per year.


HKW undertakes to comply with the CPF Code of Ethics, which aims to provide information, promote a quality offering and establish a relationship of trust. We undertake to respect the 10 commitments defined and the legal rules in force, as well as the CGU of Mon Compte Formation.

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